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Welcome to Royal Meenakshi Mall!

Hello friends. After the success of so many malls in namma bengaluru city, a yet another mall has now been thrown out to the public. Now this mall, unlike other malls, is not a congested place. The mall is extremely huge and is built on a very large piece of land. The whole mall is built on four floors, with the international popular Cinepolis multiplex situated on the fourth floor.

So where is this mall located? Well, the Royal Meenakshi Mall is situated on Bannerghatta Road. It is situated diagonally opposite to the popular Meenakshi Temple. If you are arriving from Jayangar 4th block, it should not take you more than 45 minutes to reach the mall. The distance from Jayanagar 4th block would be about 11 kilometres. If you are coming From BTM Layout (Jayadeva Flyover), you would need about 25 minutes, and it is at about 6 kilometres far. If you are reaching by bus, you would alight at Meenakshi temple bus stop. Before you reach to the bus stop, you will find the mall located on the left hand side.

The mall has some of the biggest brand of showrooms. They include McDonalds, KFC, HyperCity, Barista, Baskin Robbins, Nike, Sangeetha Mobiles, MAX, Reliance Trends, Wrangler, ShowOff, Mother Earth, Affinity Salon, Amoeba, DarkHouse and a very huge Food Court with several outlets including Shiv Sagar, Beijing Bites, Juice Junction and many more. So you will never ever feel shortage of the best brands to shop with!

The mall has a total of 4 floors. The first three floors consists of shopping and food outlets while the last floor is dedicated to movie buffs. Royal Meenakshi Mall has the international multiplex Cinepolis on the fourth floor. Let me be very honest to you – Cinepolis is the best multiplex I have ever seen in my life. The seats are very comfortable and unlike the seats in PVR / INOX, you will not be able to move the seats forward-backward motion. Here, the seats are push-back seats, and the seat can be tilted behind! Now this is a completely different way of seating arrangement and trust me, it is really comfortable. The screen and the sound quality is fabulous and cannot be matched with any other multiplex in namma city.

So friends, if you have been fed up of roaming around within the same malls in the city, it’s time that you take a break and head towards the brand new Royal Meenakshi Mall. The mall is extremely huge and therefore, you will never ever feel suffocated or congested. The mall also houses some of the best and the biggest brands, and hence, shopping is now made more easy! And not to miss the extremely sensational movie viewing experience at Cinepolis, and do not forget to have your favourite food across several food outlets! And what’s more? You can even step on to Amoeba and other games’ section to play some of your favourite games including Bowling, Video games and much more! So visit the Royal Meenakshi Mall today for an enthralling experience. Enjoy maadi!

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