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MTS MBlaze USB Broadband – Part 1

There are so many Internet Service Providers in recent times that it has actually become difficult for people to choose the right one. There was a time when people had to depend on the BSNL Internet connection. Then, we had Airtel offering some amazing broadband connection. After a few months, Reliance came out with a USB stick for browsing your favourite websites anywhere across India. Yes, it did not require any modem nor any router. It was just like a pen drive, all you need to do is to plug in to your laptop or to the CPU (if you are using a desktop) and you can enjoy Internet access. But the biggest question is the speed + the price.

I still remember that a couple of years ago, Reliance had priced its USB device at 2999 and you can enjoy Internet access. But, they did not have any unlimited plans. When I used it, I had to pay 1500 INR every month, under a postpaid plan, which allowed me to browse up to 10 GB per month. If I exceeded 10 GB, i had to end up paying 0.50 paise per 100 kb of browsing! There were so many times where I have ended up paying over 3000 INR per month! Then, TATA Indicom came up with TATA Photon which promised high speed access. Yet again, no unlimited browsing.

Finally, after much anticipation for an unlimited browsing through an USB stick, MBlaze came up with their amazing MBlaze Internet USB devices which claimed superior high quality browsing up to 3.1 mbps. What’s more? They also promised an unlimited access to Internet at 999 INR prepaid! Sound’s extremely good! On August 28th 2010, I got myself a MBlaze Standard device priced at 1999 INR. I also paid an additional 999 INR for unlimited Internet access, with a 1 month validity. The box piece contained only MBlaze Standard USB and an user manual. There was no installation CD. I just plugged in the USB and an auto-installation pop up helped me to install the application.

It is a very simple application. You just need to connect it and start browsing your favourite web pages swiftly. The speed was extremely good and I have browsed at 1 Mbps most of the times. Once you connect the device, you have an option to choose a parameter between Broadband mode, Hybrid mode and 1x mode. Now at Broadband mode, you can browse at superior speeds, of up to 3.1 Mbps. In 1x mode, your browsing speed will be limited to 144 Kbps. If you select Hybrid mode, depending on the availability, you will be connected to Broadband or 1x mode automatically. So if you are not sure whether you can browse in Broadband mode, in the area where you stay, select Hybrid mode and you will automatically be connected to the Broadband/1x mode depending on the availability at your locality.

So how is the MTS MBlaze USB device’s performance? What is the data limit? What are the different types of MTS MBlaze devices that are available in the market? What are the current exclusive offers? Read all this and much more in our MTS MBlaze USB Broadband – Part 2 right now!

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