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MTS MBlaze USB Broadband – Part 2 (Concluding Part)

This post is the continuation of the first part MTS MBlaze USB Broadband – Part 1 and hence, you might have to take a look at the MTS MBlaze USB Broadband – Part 1 before you continue reading further.

The download speed is about 60 – 80kbps and during the night, the download speed jumps to 100 – 130kbps. With this in mind, I started downloading 8 movies and within 5 days, I was happy that I was able to download 8 movies in just 5 days. Amazing! But the people of MBlaze had some surprise for me! Yes, after 7 days, I was browsing websites but suddenly noticed that the speed had dropped significantly. I tried to restart, inserted, removed and did everything but the speed was pathetic. I called up their customer care regarding my query and they said, I had exceeded the high-speed browsing limit. Now what’s that?

MTS Mblaze offers high-speed (up to 3.1 Mbps) only until 12 GB usage. Post 12 GB of usage, you will have to browse at speeds up to 144 Kbps! Pretty much unfair! Now the worst point is, you do not have this information anywhere! Neither in the manual nor in the website. Even the MBlaze staff who will see you the USB will be tight-lipped about this “unfair” usage policy. Anyway, but I must admit that the speed until 12 GB is simply excellent and watching your favourite Youtube videos is a breeze! If you are not a movie buff and if you are satisfied by downloading not more than 5 – 6 movies a month, which would typically cost you about 5 GB, you can enjoy the remaining 7 GB of browsing at higher speeds. Again, you do the math, as the usage of 12 GB depends on you and if you do not wish to download any movies, you can enjoy browsing all the websites at a very high speed, in the Broadband mode.

Just to let you all know, MBlaze offers 2 types of devices – MBlaze Standard and MBlaze Premium. Though there aren’t any differences between both the devices, MBlaze Premium looks much more solid and sturdy. Plus, you get a data cable to connect your laptop with the device. Also, you can insert a card in your MBlaze Premium device to store data, if you wish to. Currently, the cost of MBlaze Standard is 1999 INR and the cost of MBlaze Premium is 2299 INR. At present, MBlaze is offering some fabulous offer for their MBlaze Premium model – If you buy the MBlaze Premium within this month (that’s what the MBlaze staff claim), you get a free 999 INR recharge (which will entitle you for 1 month unlimited browsing) plus a Reebok shoes worth 3,500 INR absolutely free! So in reality, if you spend 2299 INR, you get stuff worth 4499 INR free!

So I suggest that if you are looking for a wireless USB Broadband, go in for MBlaze Premium right away, as they do have some cool offers. On the contrary, you can even go in for TATA Docomo 3g e-stick which offers a similar plan. In TATA Docomo 3g e-stick, you can enjoy unlimited browsing at 1000 INR per month however, the data limit is capped at 5 GB. In MBlaze Premium however, you can enjoy unlimited data browsing till 12 GB. Plus, with all the exciting free gifts that come along with MBlaze, I feel, MTS MBlaze Premium is much better than TATA Docomo 3g e-stick. What do you feel? Which USB Broadband do you prefer? Drop in your comments! Cheers!

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