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Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 3

This post is the continuation of the second post about IIPM, one of the most popular B Schools in India. If you have not read the second post, you need to take a look at the second post Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 2 before you continue reading the third part –

I did start off, explaining and convincing the other people that mercy killing should be legalized. Quite obviously, every body else revolted stating that I had no right to kill a person! The debate went on for about 15 minutes until we were told to stop. It was fun, as every body who had come there had a flair about the topic and did voice out their individual opinions. Then we were asked to wait for ten minutes, as the next final round was a personal interview. We all had to wait for ten + ten + ten = thirty more minutes and the first candidate was called for an interview. He came back in 5 minutes. The next candidate then went in and he took about 5 to 6 minutes. After about 20 minutes, I was called in for the interview.

The room was a very small one, with a guy welcoming me as I stepped in. He introduced himself and said, I look different from the provided passport size photographs. I said, people change with time and I am helpless! To be honest, the photo was clicked six months ago and hence, I did look quite a lot different. The interview started, I introduced myself, answered a few questions about the nation, sports, education and all this took about 5 minutes. I was also asked a few questions about Marketing and my future goals. The interview concluded in less than 10 minutes. I was asked to leave and that I would be informed next week about the results.

Image Courtesy: www.iipm.edu

I stepped out of IIPM but not before wishing good luck to all the students present in the room. The clock had already stuck 1 in the afternoon. I walked all the way to the underground, took my bike and zoomed back home. A week passed by and finally, I got a call from Anurag (from his personal number 965****397),who holds one of the top positions at IIPM, New Delhi. He called me on the 22nd of December 2010and congratulated that I had passed in the interview and I had scored 2.5 out of 5, with 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest. I was happy that I made it to IIPM, an institute that ranks No.1 across hundreds of other MBA colleges.

Image Courtesy: www.iipm.edu

I did ask Anurag quite a lot of questions, including the rumours about IIPM but not limited to the value of their degrees in the current market. So what did Anurag had to say? Was he successful in convincing me? Does IIPM really stands apart from other B Schools in India? What are the courses that IIPM offer?  Read all this and much more in our next part!

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