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I just don’t care!

Probably, this is one of the most seriously written topic ever on Sanju.me and I believe this requires some seriousness. So to begin with, let me ask you all a question – Has there been a day where everything that you do has went wrong? Has there been a terrible day at office? Did your office boss call you to the meeting room and took your trip (:D)? Has there been a day where things aren’t going great at home with your mom and dad arguing for everything? Did you just lose something that you never wanted to? Did you just have a break up? Did you see your Ex-Girlfriend with another guy? Did you fail in the exams? Not getting the job that you want?

Well, the list certainly goes on but ultimately, this just leads to – Disappointment/ Frustration / Being sad / Feeling lonely, or anything similar to it. Most importantly, this just does not please you.

To be honest, these are the circumstances that we all go through at some point or the other. May be there are a lucky few who just gets everything right – A ready job at their uncle’s office, getting the most loyal girlfriend ever, have a 7 figure across half a dozen banks and have some really “cool” parents, friends, relatives and a great lifestyle. O.K. now let’s keep those people aside, as today we are not discussing about them. Now for all those people who have a “why only me every time” attitude, this post should make a lot of sense – Something more than sheer common sense!

O.K. so here’s what – No matter whatever happens, all you got to do, is to have a ‘I just don’t care’ attitude. Now I know that it’s easy to say than actually doing it but tell you what – If you decide to have this attitude and consciously follow it, it will work wonders for you and the results will be evident. Of course, this will take time and practice. It’s hard to unlearn things that have been embedded on to your brain since years together (may be even decades). So here is the cycle that you need to follow –

Step No. 1 Decide to have a “I just don’t care” attitude. Remember that saying “I JUST don’t care” is a lot more powerful than saying “I don’t care” or “It does not bother me” or “I am good, no hard feelings” or anything similar. Words are powerful.

Step No.2 Start unlearning things that you have wrongly learnt till now. All the while, you were taught to take things too seriously in life. Even if something goes wrong a little, we immediately say “Oh shit”! “Oh shit”! – Now these are the words that we constantly keep saying for anything and everything, even if it not required. No wonder, we get paranoid about a dozen things everyday and ultimately enter the “bad feeling” world that’s filled with negative energy.

Step No.3 Be aware of what you do in your day to day life and ensure that you do not divert from the decision of being strong about yourself. You should not pay heed to what happens / what happened with you before. It’s over. Forget it. It’s very important to remember this AS SOON AS you begin to feel upset or frustrated about anything, or anyone. Just forget it! Who likes to remember shit? Of course you don’t want to.

So by following the above 3 steps, you will achieve a state of mind where you can be mentally strong to a larger extent, and absolutely don’t care for what happens with you. After all, it’s your life and you really don’t want to be sulking in your bedroom. It’s time you realize that you are LIVING FOR YOURSELF and that every decision you take, is only for you. So getting annoyed or frustrated because of OTHERS is absolutely not required. After all, THEY won’t come when you are feeling low. Why should they have all the fun (Yeah, reminds me of “Why should boys have all the fun”) and make you feel bad? Do you really want them to take control over your life?

If you do not wake up now and start thinking seriously about it, you might have to continue being low and disappointed and having no interest in whatever you wanna do. Everyone has dreams in life and I am sure, even you do. Why don’t you just CHUCK what people talk about you? Let them talk bull shit. Or may be just the shit. Let them behave wrongly and let them do the worst things that you can ever think of. It should NOT affect your mindset in any way. Period. No matter what!

So decide from today that you will be happy, follow your dreams and if anyone talks something bad about you / does anything that does not impress you, then all you got to say is “I just don’t care” and continue to be happy! Do what you want. It’s your life. Make it large! (Yeah, I know that you are now thinking of the TV Commercial).

O.K. so let me stop this here. I know it’s been a pretty long post. So have fun everyone and wishing an advanced Happy New Year 2015 to all. Remember to leave all the past in the past only, and start the new year with loads of happiness and peace of mind! Remember – Other people / Outer circumstances should never affect you.

Now if anyone of you out there believe that I don’t make any sense in what I said, and all that I said was nothing but useless junk, then guess what?

“I just don’t care” !! 😛 😀

Peace out Bengalureans!

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