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Namma Bengaluru City – A Forum dedicated to namma city people!

Hello friends. When I started Sanju.me website, I also wanted to start an exclusive website for namma Bengaluru city people. We all have been staying in Bengaluru city from so many years. We all love the city so much! There are however many instances which might make us unhappy.

For example, you might pick up a fight with an auto rickshaw driver. You are not at fault but you will still be upset by the auto driver’s rude behaviour. What do you do then? Just fret about it and stay quiet? Well, I believe it is time that we fight back against this. Similarly, you will go to a hotel and the food served there might not be good. You will definitely feel like advising other people to stay away from the hotel, don’t you? So where do you tell them?

Today, I am happy to let you all know that finally, I have created a Forum, or an open discussion board for the people of bengaluru city. You can find it at NammaBengaluruCity.com.

Yes, if you are from Bengaluru city, or if you love Bengaluru city then this is the right place to voice your opinion. If you love your city or if you are facing any problem in namma city then go ahead and voice your opinion. Let the people hear it. You speak about almost anything including movies, hotels, places and much more.

Just to let you all know, there are so many places in Bengaluru city that is worth seeing. There are so many hotels in our city which are worth trying. Also, there are so many events happening in Bengaluru which we might not be aware of. For anything and everything that we wish to share, we need an open discussion board. Now that is where NammaBengaluruCity.com comes in handy to you! Let me stress that this discussion board is exclusively for Bengaluru city people and I thereby hope that every Bengalurean shows interest towards it.

So what are you waiting for? The time has now come to express your love towards Bengaluru city. Whether you feel good about Bengaluru city, or have got something to scream about, do it at NammaBengaluruCity.com forum! Registration is absolutely free and once you register, you can start posting anything that you love to! Log on to www.nammabengalurucity.com now and voice your opinion! After all, it is namma city! Cheers 🙂

UPDATE (June 3rd, 2011): The forum www.nammabengalurucity.com has now been temporarily disabled. It will be launched again soon with whole new features. Thank you for all your support!

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