Introducing ‘Guest Posts’ on!

Writing has always been my passion, and there’s no second thought on it. As far as I remember, I have been writing since a decade and I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I am still not sure on how I picked up the interest to write but, whatever it is, I am glad to be writing today and expressing my opinions on a variety of things.

Buy website and hosting in India

About a couple of years ago, a lot of readers expressed their interest to pen their thoughts. So, for those who were keen, I helped them buy website and hosting from India and today, they have their own blog and are happy writing articles and expressing their thoughts. And, for some who weren’t too happy about starting their own website, they created free blogs and started writing content. However, at some point, the ones who had free blogs wanted to have a standard platform where they can have control on their content, far more freedom than a regular free blog.

Though this plan was there since a few years, it hadn’t really matured to an extent where it can become real. This time though, I have made it possible. So, for all those writers, be it amateurs or expert authors, if you have an interest in writing articles, you can utilise as a platform.

Where to write and submit free articles?

Do you have a thought on your mind? Do you want to express your opinion on a particular subject? Want to share a recipe? Have health tips for a better lifestyle? Whatever it may be, you can now write and share your articles to and I will publish it on the website.

I suggest that you type the articles in a Microsoft Word and send it to me. At the moment, we only accept articles in English and with a minimum of 500 words. Also, if you like to share an image or a video, or a link to your website, do include those information as well.

Why submit your articles to website?

  • You can write articles on any subject, almost
  • You can submit any number of articles, along with an image/video. We can also provide a backlink to your website/original post
  • Leave the grammar and spelling mistakes to us, we’ll handle any minor corrections / edits as needed
  • You are under no obligation, whatsoever. You can stop sending articles to us whenever you want
  • You hold the rights to your article(s), we do not buy or license it

For more information on what type of posts we accept, do take a look at Guest Post page. If you have any specific questions on the article that you want to share, you can always Contact Us and we’ll answer your question as fast as we can.

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