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    Money and Finance

    Want to apply for a credit card? Think again!

    Credit card is certainly a fancy thing to keep with you. It lets you buy whatever you want and whenever you want. Importantly, you do not need to have cash with you. Plus, you can repay the swiped money in monthly installments (EMI) at affordable interest rates. Not to forget, most of the credit cards are also FREE to use, meaning there’s no annual fees. Another aspect is that you earn points for your spending and you can redeem them for cash or vouchers. So, no wonder, a credit card is most sought after globally. But, the big question is, in spite of the above plus points, is it worth…

  • Money and Finance

    Not having enough money? You can still be happy!

    Money. Who doesn’t need it? Who is happy and contended with whatever money they have? Yes, there may be a few. However, by and large, you will only find people who need more and more money. And even more money. There can never be a situation, hypothetically, where you can say that you do not need money anymore. Well, that’s the truth and let’s take it. But, my only question is, how much money is required for a comfortable living? Food, clothing and shelter is not enough We are living in a society where millions are struggling, even to this day, for basic necessities of life such as food, clothing…

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    Family and Relationships

    Trust issues with your partner? Fix your relationship problems!

    Whether you are in love, or already married, trust issues isn’t something new. I have seen couples having trust issues even after staying married for over 20 years! So, what’s actually up with this trust issue? Why does your partner doubt you? Is your partner abusive and egoistic? Who’s cheating on whom? How to improve relationship with your wife or husband? Today, let me focus on 2 things that can probably break a relationship. The first one is your partner cheating on you and the second one is mental and physical abuse by your partner. Your partner is cheating on you One of the core elements of a relationship that…

  • Health

    When life takes a U-Turn!

    Today is the 30th of March, Monday. It’s a regular weekday, and I can only imagine the hustle and bustle of a regular city life. From uninterrupted honking of vehicles to rushing to your office within time, it’s all there in a regular day’s life. Today, though it’s the 30th of March, the situation isn’t what is expected. Since the outbreak of Corona virus, almost every individual’s life has turned topsy-turvy. There’s no more going to office, no more honking, no more stressful driving, or evening parties. Life has, to some extent, come to a standstill. All thanks to the deadly virus, Corona. U.S.A lockdown due to Corona virus: My…

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    Best places to drink filter coffee in Bengaluru

    Filter coffee is something that I cannot miss out on. On any given day, unless and until I am down with extreme fever, I will cherish and enjoy a minimum of 5 cups of coffee. There’s a sense of contentment and satisfaction that an authentic filter coffee can give you, and there’s no second thought about that. As a resident of Bengaluru for 3 decades, I have had coffee across several hundreds of hotels. And now, I have finalised the top 6 places where you get to drink authentic filter coffee that depicts the true aroma and flavour of a filter coffee. A coffee needs to have a appropriate portion…