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    Introducing ‘Guest Posts’ on Sanju.me!

    Writing has always been my passion, and there’s no second thought on it. As far as I remember, I have been writing since a decade and I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I am still not sure on how I picked up the interest to write but, whatever it is, I am glad to be writing today and expressing my opinions on a variety of things. Buy website and hosting in India About a couple of years ago, a lot of readers expressed their interest to pen their thoughts. So, for those who were keen, I helped them buy website and hosting from India and today, they have…

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    Sanju.me Updates

    Not everything is lost…!

    It’s been close to a year now and I all can do is think about the fact that I lost my blog content. Yes, my blog www.sanju.me crashed and I lost all the data that I had built in the last 5 years. The blog had more than 30+ posts, with each of them being distinctive to each other. Sanju.me was probably one of the first blogs that unearthed the IIPM scam across 5 different series of posts, giving out names of the people involved and conversations as is. I’d also reviewed various tourist places, mobile and network devices, motorbikes, lifestyle-related posts, educational institutions such as PES University in Bangalore,…