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    Lost your job because of COVID-19? You’re not alone

    It all started with the outbreak of COVID-19 sometime during December last year. What started from China, began to spread across the world, with USA being the worst affected of all. While there are job cuts worldwide because of the pandemic, the effect of it is certainly going to last longer. Simply imagine that you don’t have a job anymore, how would you even manage your daily finances, let alone repaying the debt and any EMIs that you have? While the thought of it itself sends a chill down the spine, I can only imagine how the affected people would feel. This pandemic has affected the jobs for almost all…

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    Money and Finance

    Want to apply for a credit card? Think again!

    Credit card is certainly a fancy thing to keep with you. It lets you buy whatever you want and whenever you want. Importantly, you do not need to have cash with you. Plus, you can repay the swiped money in monthly installments (EMI) at affordable interest rates. Not to forget, most of the credit cards are also FREE to use, meaning there’s no annual fees. Another aspect is that you earn points for your spending and you can redeem them for cash or vouchers. So, no wonder, a credit card is most sought after globally. But, the big question is, in spite of the above plus points, is it worth…

  • Money and Finance

    Not having enough money? You can still be happy!

    Money. Who doesn’t need it? Who is happy and contended with whatever money they have? Yes, there may be a few. However, by and large, you will only find people who need more and more money. And even more money. There can never be a situation, hypothetically, where you can say that you do not need money anymore. Well, that’s the truth and let’s take it. But, my only question is, how much money is required for a comfortable living? Food, clothing and shelter is not enough We are living in a society where millions are struggling, even to this day, for basic necessities of life such as food, clothing…