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    Domino’s Pizza can make your evening go wrong!

    After my website crashed and I lost Sanju.me posts and all of the data in 2019, I’ve received numerous requests asking for the older posts, as the readers found them to be useful and informative. Luckily, I was able to restore a few of them recently, and I thought of putting it up on Sanju.me again. Thank you for all the support and love 🙂 This is a repost article titled “Domino’s Pizza can make your evening go wrong”, written first on the 9th of November, 2014, on Sanju.me O.K. so it was yet another lovely Sunday evening, the 26th of October 2014, out with my best one. It was fun because, it was an evening.…

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    Buy groceries online from Supr Daily app in Bengaluru

    Groceries are an essential part of almost any family, unless and until someone does not want to eat vegetables and fruits, or does not need any of the cooking essentials. Since the lockdown began, there has been a dearth of essential goods and primarily, groceries. I have faced the shortage of groceries in almost every store that I walked in to, and struggled to find the required items in the market. Buy groceries online After a careful research and checking with my friends and family, I was suggested about 5 apps that deliver fresh milk and groceries in Bengaluru. After trying them all, I liked just one app and that…

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    Best places to drink filter coffee in Bengaluru

    Filter coffee is something that I cannot miss out on. On any given day, unless and until I am down with extreme fever, I will cherish and enjoy a minimum of 5 cups of coffee. There’s a sense of contentment and satisfaction that an authentic filter coffee can give you, and there’s no second thought about that. As a resident of Bengaluru for 3 decades, I have had coffee across several hundreds of hotels. And now, I have finalised the top 6 places where you get to drink authentic filter coffee that depicts the true aroma and flavour of a filter coffee. A coffee needs to have a appropriate portion…