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    Trust issues with your partner? Fix your relationship problems!

    Whether you are in love, or already married, trust issues isn’t something new. I have seen couples having trust issues even after staying married for over 20 years! So, what’s actually up with this trust issue? Why does your partner doubt you? Is your partner abusive and egoistic? Who’s cheating on whom? How to improve relationship with your wife or husband? Today, let me focus on 2 things that can probably break a relationship. The first one is your partner cheating on you and the second one is mental and physical abuse by your partner. Your partner is cheating on you One of the core elements of a relationship that…

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    How to stay happy in life: Gratitude is the key

    No matter how healthy your food intake is or how much money you possess, it’s of no good to you if you aren’t happy in your life. Yes, I have seen people having little to no money with them and yet, they’re happy. I’ve seen people burdened with loans and yet, happy. I’ve seen people with failed relationships and yet, they’re happy! What makes you think they’ve it in them? What do you need to do in order to be happy? This brings me down to asking the big question – Are you happy? If yes, then you’re already on the right path. If not, read below and you may…

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    Are parents always correct? Time to think!

    It does not matter from which part of the world you’re from, it’s true that no one can love you more than your parents. Whether you’re the only child or have grown up with your siblings, a parents’ love is unmatched. Now, while your parents love you the most, it can also tend to backfire sometimes. If you’ve experienced it before or have no idea about it, either way, I will take you through some of my friends’ lives that have shifted towards becoming disastrous because of their parents. I want the control One of the biggest drawbacks that I find about the parents, is their eagerness to control their…