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Hi 🙂 My name is Sanjay Bharadwaj or Sanjay B R (Official records and most importantly, in my Aadhaar card :D). I am from namma Bengaluru and the sole “owner” of www.sanju.me blog. This blog was started with an intention to provide the most useful (and useless) information about restaurants, bikes, cars, educational institutes in Bengaluru, places to see in Bengaluru, movie/music reviews, jokes, poems, stories, scams, events happening in Bengaluru city, places to eat in Bengaluru city and a lot more! So if you are a Bengalurean then you gotta stay up to date with this blog, and even if you are not, you will still love this blog 🙂

This blog is also to express my opinions on things which I feel is correct, or may be even wrong. Just to clarify, all posts and reviews on this blog are my own and are not sponsored or written on anyone’s behalf. If you disagree with something or if you’ve had a different experience with it, feel free to Contact Me anytime.

If you are a blogger or a passionate writer looking to contribute your original work, let me know. You can also submit your own experiences that you have had at any place, or just about anything that interests the reader. Simply Contact Me and I will have it up on www.sanju.me as soon as possible.

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