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How to be happy in LIFE… ? I will tell you – Part 2 (Final part)

This post is a continuation of the previous post. If you haven’t read that, make sure you read How to be happy in LIFE… ? I will tell you – Part 1 before proceeding.

Well, after my previous post, I received a lot of comments from my friends (and the ones I know personally started to send me messages on WhatsApp) and most of them were eager to know just one thing. In short, they wanted to know “When the hell am I going to write the next post on how to be happy in LIFE!”.

O.K. (or Okay, whatever) so according to the common notion that exists across the world is that being happy isn’t an easy job. In fact, a lot of people have already tried their luck in this and have given up. Do you know why? Well, look around and you might find a bunch of “life sucks” people around you. They will tell you why you should not be happy in life. They will show you the circumstances around them that throws more than 100 reasons not to be happy. You can find such people around you, and almost everywhere. Be it at home, en route to a vacation, at your aunt’s / uncle’s / relative’s house, in your college, someone pushing you while boarding a Namma Metro train (I guess I need to write a new post on that!), while driving (I am not even going closer to the road rage and the “let me go first” attitude of the people on road especially at 4-way intersecting junctions). Of course, you can find several more reasons not be happy.


How to be happy then?

Let me tell you 1 thing – For sure, you can find a lot of things around you that does not please you. Most of the times, you are not related to it directly or indirectly. Yet, you might have to take it on you. So how to be happy then? Well, there’s one thing that you need to do in order to be happy in any situation. All you have to do is just follow the following 2 rules and you will be happy in life. You can count me on that.


The 2 rules to be happy are:

1. Having a “Let’s move ON” attitude and not thinking about something throughout the day.

2. Having a “It’s OK. Let’s try again” OR “Something else will happen, let’s look forward with faith” attitude.

Yes, the secret to be happy in life is to have BOTH the above mentioned attitudes at all times. You can always be happy EVEN WHEN things are not going the way it is supposed to. That’s because, happiness is not an end result or a product that you can get. Happiness is an attitude. It does not require money or a great lifestyle, or for that matter even a very healthy body. All it needs is an “established mind” and nothing else. Having the power to control your thoughts (rather, keep it calm and unwavering) when things aren’t pleasing you is the hardest part of being happy. If you can do that. you are already a happy person!

Look, the reason why we’re born on this planet is to be happy (don’t ask me how do I know that :D). So, how to be happy solely depends on how you manage the people and circumstances around you through your mind. If you tell me that you will be happy once you earn 2 crore rupees, well, I am sure that you will need something else after you have 2 crore rupees spare cash in your bank account! If you tell me that you will be happy after you get a job at Google or Facebook or Amazon or Microsoft or any of the other companies that have earned a mark or themselves globally (of course there are many more greater companies who are doing a phenomenal job, don;t whack me for not naming them, I ain’t partial :D), you will not be happy even after getting a job there. You will ask for more salary Then, you need even more. OK so let’s consider this for a moment – You earn 1crore rupees a year + you have a beautiful family + you workout and have a great healthy body + no liabilities – In short, a great life that a lot of them desire for. Now, let’s say you decide to earn more money and so, you decide to start a new venture that requires 100CR capital. You decide to go for a loan. Oh, loan got rejected? You try again, again and again. REJECTED. O.K. so you now try arranging money from all your friends and relatives but cannot. Finally, you are frustrated. Now you start getting unhappy about anything and everything. You start to curse yourself. You take stress and fall sick and ultimately screw your life.

Now the question is – Was this all required? The moral of the story is – Anything nice can go wrong if you do not keep your mind in control. If you are not getting something, wait and take a break. Then, try again after a few hours / days / weeks depending on what you’re trying to get. If you realize that nothing can be done, go away from wherever you are find peace. If you are in a position where you are obliged to be wherever you are. then just follow Rule No.1 and Rule No.2 above. Ultimately, make sure you be happy with whatever you have.

I am not saying that striving for success or to be come rich is wrong. In fact. you need to work hard (or even smart if you know how) to get what you want in life but never at the cost of your happiness. It’s that simple. Happiness comes first. Your happiness. REST of the things fall next. Don’t forget. So take some 5 minutes of your time and think – What do you want / what you don’t want in order to be happy in life. If you still can’t figure it out, drop me a message. Some people say that I am a kind of “GURU” and may be, I can help you. No, I don’t take money because I am already contended and happy in life 😀 Look, I am smiling 😀 OK even more now 😀 😀 😀 OK not anymore, someone’s watching me while I write this. I don’t them to confuse my happiness to a “psycho” or something 😀 Just chuck everything else and be happy folks, one life – let’s live it the way we want it!