How to be happy in LIFE…? I will tell you – Part 1

As a kid, and even today, I always wonder, “What the hell are we doing here?” I mean, a lot of times I feel that there should be a reason for our existence. Either we are here to do something great, or to do something so useless that we can’t imagine. Okay so, let me stop talking “we” “we” everywhere – I know that this is my thought. It might, however, be a thought that resonates with someone else out there who is currently reading this from India, Uganda, Antarctica, Uzbekistan or wherever. So, for all those guys out there who feel what this life is all about, or what are we doing on this world, today’s article might give an insight that can probably make you more enlightened. Rather, get you out of that thought. So, are you ready to be more knowledgeable and understand life better? Let’s go!

You see, some years back, one thought that always bothered me was “how to become successful, happy, rich, healthy and famous” in life. In fact, a lot of people whom I met also had a similar thought. About 99/100 people had this thought on their mind. While most of them concentrated on being “rich” in life, there were a few who focused on being “famous and successful” in life. Very few focused on being “healthy” and only 1 person focused on being “happy” in life – and that 1 person was ME!

So when I started focusing on happiness, I realised that a lot of things were actually attached to it. Say, for example, being happy was always associated with being healthy + being rich + being successful + always getting what we want every time and everywhere. On the flip side, this is something that isn’t possible all the time. How can I get what I want every day? This means, I will not be happy every day. I will only be happy at those “moments” where

1. I have a great job in hand that gives me annual bonus + FREE cab + FREE food (please refer to Point 3 below) + FREE allowances + GREAT salary

2. People respond to me the way I want – everyone listens to me + appreciates what I say + praises me for my looks and the way I talk

3. I get to eat good food at no cost (sponsored by friends / relatives / office / free food coupon / you are just lucky as your next door neighbour popped in to your house and handed a bowl of hot upma – Yikes, Upma is my favourite so no debating on that, please :D)

4. I go to a 3D movie at PVR Vega City (beautiful mall on the already space-cramped Bannerghatta Road) for FREE (my friend had a BMS voucher that he got because he applied for a credit card – Oh Shit! Oh Shit!). Wait, I also get a FREE popcorn (butter and caramel half-n-half which is otherwise ridiculously priced at Rs.240 in Cinepolis, Bangalore) as my friend from Uttara Bharata said, “Mera Treat Yaar”!

5. Last, but not the least, a free drop to home! (You said PG? Doesn’t matter!).

Well, who doesn’t like all this? (I am not even looking at the brilliant IIM & IIT folks / MBBS students who aren’t interested – rather should not be – in all these “momentary” things!). Barring a very few, most of us love to lead a LIFE that is filled with sheer fun and excitement day-in and day-out. True, these things really make you feel pumped up at that very moment. But, is this really happiness OR are we just living in a bubble? May be, may be not. Let’s find out in the next part!


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