Far from reach … and now back again to preach!

Hello everyone 🙂 First of all, a Happy New Year 2012, Happy new Year 2013 and a Happy New Year 2014 😀 Yeah, had to wish all my blog readers and it really doesn’t matter that we are in April already. After all, my wish did not come on the 1st of April.

O.K. (and I still believe, it is O.K. and not Okay) agreed – Well, it’s been a really long time since my last post. In fact, it’s so long that over 1000 days have crossed, with the sun rising 1000 times and sinking behind the clouds for another 1000 times! O.K no discrimination – Let us include the moon too – With the moon rising 1000 times and disappearing behind the clouds for another 1000 times – Well, now did you ask me, “How the hell does a moon rise?” I am sorry, the last time I saw the moon was when the sun wasn’t around – Yeah, let’s forget the physics we all had in Class 12 (O.K. Class 10 too; don’t ask me before that) – What crap am I talking! O.K. let’s continue – (yeah, the crap) – Now, I believe and hope and assume and confirm and strongly feel, it’s time to get back and that’s what I have just did.

Every one gets back in life, and no surprises there. Everyone goes through a rough patch, and no surprises there as well. What’s surprising though, is the way you get back when the WORLD believes, that you cannot. That’s when you realize that you are RIGHT, and the world is actually WRONG – For till now, you believed otherwise. You will also realize that the WORLD (though at large) can be wrong, and not that every time, you go wrong.

It’s strange that people have so many thoughts running in their mind at the same time, and ultimately, end up doing something completely different. When you are not clear of what you want, the results will be unclear. Ultimately, no one listens to HOW WHY WHERE and WHEN happened. Every one likes to see – WHAT happened! It really doesn’t matter how you did. If you have done it, you have done it – That’s it – And that’s when – PEOPLE like you, your friends are behind you, your family backs you up, your enemies are now your friends, your own self belief is now on a higher level, spreading a higher level of positivity from deep within – All resulting in keeping you on the track.

So, that’s what happened with me in the last 3 years and I believe, most of you would have REALLY not got what I said in the above paragraphs. Nevertheless, I am sure there are these ‘brainy’ people out there who have understood what I said, and have understood something more than that as well … so much so, that they can probably add another couple of paragraphs:D Alright, I believe I need to stop typing – And for people who are wondering what’s happening, here’s a line of summary – The loneliness that this blog enjoyed for the last 3 years is now happy to find the good old friend back – And that means, a lot of new reading to be done in the coming weeks and months and years – But for how long? Well, I am not astrologer, nor a numerologist to explain it better. Yet, with my skills of guessing, all I can say is – Far From Reach And Now Back To Preach !!

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