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Looking for a MBA? Ensure the course is accredited!

Hello and Hi 🙂 It has been a long time since I posted, and yes, I was indeed busy with my personal life. So today, I wanted to give all the MBA aspirants a small insight into the world of accreditation. Yes, if you are looking for a MBA then you must ensure to join a college/course that has been accredited. In other words, recognized by a Government body. It does not however matter if it is recognized by an International Government Body, or our own Indian Government. Ultimately, it has to be recognized.

Now you might ask me, what happens if it is not recognized? Well, it is simple. Now you all have seen and read the IIPM series of articles and you know very well for the fact that IIPM has not been recognized by any government body. So, when you get your MBA/PGDBM degree, your certificate will actually have no value. Since the college/course is not recognized, employers might think twice before giving you a job. I have met so many MBA grads struggling for a job, as employers seems no more interested in hiring students from unrecognized colleges/courses.

Image Courtesy: www.aacsb.edu

Now let us forget the job part for some time. Now once you complete your graduation and decide to do your MBA, you very well know for a fact that doing your MBA from some of the top colleges and from some of the popular universities has more value than studying MBA under VTU. No wonder, people prefer MBA from Christ, Alliance Academy, PES (IUP), XIME and many more. Yet, people graduating out of these universities are placed at some of the top-notch companies when compared to VTU students.

I however need to point out a fact that only one college in Bangalore currently offers a MBA accredited by an International body. Yes, it is PES Institution. Only PES offers MBA degree (and not a PGDBM) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania which has further been recognized by AACSB – Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business. Now what is this AACSB? What is the importance of it? Well, AACSB is an international accrediting body and for a fact, lesser than 20% of business schools have earned the accreditation from AACSB. So it is not an easy task to get recognized by AACSB as only colleges/universities imparting quality education can earn it.

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Now there is another point to be noted – If you are joining a MBA college which is not recognized by AICTE/UGC/Any government body then you might end up in not getting an education loan as well! Now for instance, State Bank of India (SBI) denies education loan to students if the respective college is not recognized by any government body. This situation holds true with several other nationalized banks like Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Allahabad Bank, Corporation Bank, Syndicate Bank, Central Bank of India and many more. So if you wish to get an education loan for an unrecognized college/course then I suggest that you try out at HDFC Credila, which promises an education loan to all students irrespective of course/college.

So, as PES offers MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you can study MBA and earn a degree that has been recognized by an International Body. Great isn’t it? Let me however point out a fact that most of the banks in India (or rather down here in Bengaluru) deny loans to AACSB accredited MBA course as well !!! Wondering why? The reason is simple. The bank fellows do not know what AACSB is, and how important it is for a MBA degree !! The bank authorities only know AICTE and UGC. Nothing else. The banks include State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Allahabad Bank, Corporation Bank and almost all nationalized bank. So if you try telling them about the importance of AACSB, it practically makes no sense, as they give a straight NO and deny bank loan. I believe it is time that the bank staff are informed about AACSB, the importance of it for MBA business schools and much more. Else, students wishing to study MBA from an internationally recognized body might find it hard, as without a bank loan, the dream of studying MBA might be practically over. Are any bank authorities reading this?

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