ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: Match Schedule

Hello friends. We are nearing the end of January and are stepping in to February, the month which is being awaited by millions of cricket fans across the globe. Yes, the Cricket World Cup is starting next month and every cricket fan is waiting for the moment. The World cup starts from February 19th 2011 and will end on the 02nd of April 2011.

The entire world cup is being hosted jointly by Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. You can catch the live and exclusive action on ESPN, Star Sports and on Star Cricket. Plus, you get live streaming of all the matches on ESPNStar.com throughout the event. So when are the matches played? Where are they played? Find below the schedule of the entire ICC Cricket World Cup for this year –

19th Feb: India vs Bangladesh; Venue: Dhaka

20th Feb: New Zealand vs Kenya; Venue: Chennai

20th Feb: Sri Lanka vs Canada; Venue: Hambantota

21ST Feb: Australia vs Zimbabwe; Venue: Ahmedabad

22nd Feb: England vs Netherlands; Venue: Nagpur

23rd Feb: Pakistan vs Kenya; Venue: Hambantota

24th Feb: South Africa vs West Indies; Venue: New Delhi

25th Feb: Bangladesh vs Ireland; Venue: Dhaka

26th Feb: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan; Venue: Colombo

27th Feb: India vs England; Venue: Kolkata

28th Feb: West Indies vs Netherlands; Venue: New Delhi

28th Feb: Zimbabwe vs Canada: Nagpur

01st Mar: Sri Lanka vs Kenya; Venue: Colombo

02nd Mar: England vs Ireland; Venue: Bengaluru

03rd Mar: South Africa vs Netherlands; Venue: Mohali

03rd Mar: Pakistan vs Canada; Venue: Colombo

04th Mar: New Zealand vs Zimbabwe; Venue: Ahmedabad

04th Mar: Bangladesh vs West Indies; Venue: Dhaka

05th Mar: Sri Lanka vs Australia; Venue: Colombo

06th Mar: India vs Ireland; Venue: Bengaluru

06th Mar:England vs South Africa; Venue: Chennai

07th Mar: Kenya vs Canada; Venue: New Delhi

08th Mar: Pakistan vs New Zealand; Venue: Pallekele

09th Mar: India vs Netherlands; Venue: New Delhi

10th Mar: Sri Lanks vs Zimbabwe; Venue: Pallekele

11th Mar: West Indies vs Ireland; Venue: Mohali

11th Mar: Bangladesh vs England; Venue: Chittagong

12th Mar: India vs South Africa; Venue: Nagpur

13th Mar: New Zealand vs Canada; Venue: Mumbai

13th Mar: Australia vs Kenya; Venue: Bengaluru

14th Mar: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe; Venue: Pallekele

14th Mar: Bangladesh vs Netherlands; Venue: Chittagong

15th Mar: South Africa vs Ireland; Venue: Kolkata

16th Mar: Australia vs Canada; Venue: Bengaluru

17th Mar: England vs West Indies; Venue: Chennai

18th Mar: Sri Lanks vs New Zeanad; Venue: Mumbai

18th Mar: Ireland vs Netherlands; Venue: Kolkata

19th Mar: Australia vs Pakistan; Venue: Colombo

19th Mar: Bangladesh vs South Africa; Venue: Dhaka

20th Mar: Zimbabwe vs Kenya; Venue: Kolkata

20th Mar: India vs West Indies; Venue: Chennai

23rd Mar: 1st Quarter Final; Venue: Dhaka

24th Mar: 2nd Quarter Final; Venue: Ahmedabad

25th Mar: Third Quarter Final; Venue: Dhaka

26th Mar: Fourth Quarter Final; Venue: Colombo

29th Mar: First Semi Final; Venue: Colombo

30th Mar: Second Semifinal; Venue: Mohali

02nd Apr: Final; Venue: Mumbai

By the way, 14 teams that are playing in the World Cup have been divided in to two teams namely Group A and Group B. The Group A consists of Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya while the Group B consists of India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Netherlands and Ireland. Remember that teams in the Group A will only play against each other and the same goes true with Group B as well. So, a team in Group A will not play against a team in the Group B unless and until teams from each of the group play each other in the Quarter Finals / Semi Finals / Finals.

It is however sad that the Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly, my favourite cricketer, has retired from ODI and has not been playing since the last World Cup. Though I am deeply disappointed with this, cricket is still a game fancied by millions worldwide and there is little or no respect for the senior players. Anyway, I hope that Team India wins the World Cup this year as they have the advantage of playing in their home side. Cheers and Good luck to India !!

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