Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is here!

Hi friends. From the past six to twelve months, the words “Mobile Number Portability” has been moving around us though, no one was sure about the actual launch of it. Today, the day has finally come and our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has officially launched Mobile Number Portability, or popularly known as MNP, across India. You must however remember that on November 25th 2010, Mobile Number Portability was launched in Harayana and it was a huge success.

So what does Mobile Number Portability actually mean? Well, with Mobile Number Portability, you can actually change your current mobile service provider at a very minimal cost. Plus, you will still enjoy your existing number! For instance, I currently use Airtel. I can now change my service provider to Vodafone for a very lower cost but I will still have my existing number. Sound’s good, isn’t it? But what are the advantages and disadvantages of MNP? How beneficial is it to a customer? What are the charges to change the service provider? Who all can change their service provider? Get to know all this and much more below –

The biggest advantage of MNP is, you can shift to any service provider at a very low cost of about 19 rupees. You must however note that most of the service providers will not charge this, considering the cut-throat competition that is amongst the service providers. So what is the procedure of changing the service provider? All you need to do is to send a SMS in order to change the service provider. So just type in PORT (space) Your mobile number and send it to 1900. You will receive further communications and the procedure to change your service provider. Only normal SMS charges apply when you send an SMS to 1900.

Once you select the new service provider, you will be contacted by the new service provider for document verification. Yes, you will have to provide a passport size photograph, ID proof and an address proof. Once you submit them and after successful verification, you will be given a new sim card and once the new sim card gets activated, you can enjoy using your old number and other services with a new service provider! Remember that as per the guidelines of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) all these procedures should be completed within a maximum of 7 days but, due to the severe competition between service providers, you should be able to change your service provider within 24 to 48 hours only. MNP however has some restrictions. So what are those restrictions? Take a look –

MNP for PREPAID: If you account balance is not nil, your account balance cannot be carry forwarded to the new service provider. You will therefore need to make your account balance ZERO before shifting to a new provider. Else, the loss is to you.

MNP for POSTPAID: If you are a postpaid customer, you too can shift to a new service provider however, you must have paid your previous month’s bill and there should not be any dues from your existing service provider.

Also, if you are a CDMA subscriber, you can shift to GSM and vice-versa. You must however remember that if your sim card is registered in Karnataka with any service provider, you cannot shift to any service provider in a different state. You can only shift to a service provider within your state.

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Remember that once you change your service provider, you need to wait for at least 90 days in order to change it again to your existing one, or to a new one. The procedure again is to contact your required service provider and submit the necessary documents. You will however compulsorily need to wait for 90 days to change your service provider, if you have already shifted to a different service provider in the last 90 days.

So friends, what do you all feel about Mobile Number Portability? Is this a benefit to the customer, or to the service provider? In reality, this is a benefit to the customer as we can now shift to a different service provider if we aren’t happy with the existing one. As I do not wish to change my mobile number, I have so many times compromised with my service provider Airtel, as they absolutely do not provide any reductions in the call rates. I used to pay 50p/min to mobile calls when service providers like TATA Docomo were offering 10p/min calls to any mobiles across the state. Now, I have the freedom to change the service provider without any second thought. So what have you decided? Will you change your service provider, or stick to your existing one? Drop in your comments!

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