Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 2

This post is the continuation of the first post about IIPM, one of the popular B-Schools in India. If you have not read the first post, you need to take a look at the first post Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 1 before you continue reading the second part –

I managed to finish the exam within 45 minutes and was waiting for someone to come and collect the paper. Remember that you CAN CARRY your phone inside and there is no restriction on it. Now there is no one to check if you have even got a calculator with you! The most surprising thing that I found, there is no invigilator in the room! And to take the best opportunity, one of the students received a call during the examination and he had a gala time speaking to his friend! LOL! Probably the only entrance exam where you can take your phone, calculator, speak with your friend during the exam and what not!

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Finally, one hour passed and one of the representative came and collected our answer sheets plus the booklets. They asked all of us to wait for sometime but not before informing that we would be having a group discussion in some time. So we all students smiled at each other, relaxed, discussed about ourselves, what we all have studied, from where we all had come, which institutes are better and all other stuff. Ten minutes passed by but there was no sign of any group discussion. I was just thinking about walking out and having a coffee when surprisingly, the door sprang open and a guy carrying 8 to 10 cups of hot Nescafe coffee on a plate came inside. Wow! After all, IIPM ranks No.1 in Global Exposure and with so much of hype around it, providing a coffee was the least that I had expected. We all sipped on the hot coffee and to be honest, Nescafe coffee was really good! Probably, it was much needed for the group discussion.

We all finished our cup of coffee, kept them on the tables itself (as there is not a single dustbin around) and chatted again about MBA, its importance, job opportunities and other stuff. Most of the candidates present there had done their BBM and were looking to study MBA from IIPM. Ten minutes further passed and finally, a guy came in and introduced himself. We all got ready for the group discussion. The topic that he gave was “Should mercy killing be legalized in India?” Well, this was quite an easy topic as I had recently seen Hrithik Roshan starrer Guzarish movie which was pretty much based on the same topic.

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So how did I do in the group discussion? How did  the other students participate? Did I feel nervous? Was the topic concluded on a positive end? Who all were selected? What was the next round after group discussion? Read all this and much more in the next part!

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