Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 1

It’s been quite a long time since IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) has been established as one of the most popular B-Schools in India. Though IIPM has been publishing full-page ads in Times of India, Bangalore Mirror and across several newspapers, online media and magazines in India, people still think twice before they join IIPM. Why do people think so much before joining IIPM? What makes people think more than once? If you could take a look at the IIPM statistics, they rank No.1 in Global Exposure. How far is it true?

Thinking about IIPM, if you gradually type “IIPM” in and hit the Search button, you will be surprised to find pages and pages of information written about IIPM, with 80% of the websites criticizing IIPM as the worst institute, which does not provide quality education nor has a quality campus. To do a reality check on this, I went to the IIPM campus in Koramangala, Bengaluru on the 18th of December 2010. To let you all know, I had registered for the IIPM entrance exam E-PAT online, by paying 1200 rupees. I was contacted by IIPM executives to inform that the entrance exam E-PAT (Entrepreneurship & Planning Admission Test) would be conducted at the IIPM Bengaluru campus. I arrived at the campus by 9:30 am, parked my bike at the underground parking and came up. You can find two buildings next to each other – IIPM and ISBE. As I had chosen MBA with a degree from IMI Belgium, I went inside the IIPM office.

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It is a small office with 4 executives working on their computers. I gave my 3 passport size photographs, filled up the application form again (as I had already filled it online and I do not understand why I had to fill up again) and gave them. A lady representative then took me and a couple of other students to the next corridor (a 30-second walk from the room where i was), where they have a huge room with a round table in the center. We all sat on chairs which were placed next to each other. We were all then given a blue colour booklet with an unique serial number on it. Along with it, we got two sheets of paper. The first sheet is to mark the answers while the second sheet is for rough work. The booklet had 55 questions and most of them were really easy. As usual, the questions comprised of English Vocabulary, Mathematical and Analytical plus, the last question was to write an essay on the provided topic.

So what happened next? How well did I fare the exam? Who were all selected for the next round? How unique and important was the next round? What all happened in the examination hall? Does an invigilator’s existence in an examination hall really matter? Read all this and much more in our next part!

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