Are you an Airtel customer? Now get ready to pay 0.50 paise/min to call their customer care!

Hi. Are you an Airtel customer? Now if you call their customer care and wish to speak to a customer care executive, you need to end up paying 0.50 paise per minute !! When other operators are offering calls to other mobiles / landlines for as low as 10paise per minute, Airtel has taken a huge step in charging calls to their customer care !! Sounds really absurd, isn’t it?

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It all happened a month ago when I had to call up their customer care to know my tariff details. I was given a warning that I will be charged 0.50 paise per min if I wish to speak to their customer care executives. Well, I was surprised and I proceeded. I did speak to an executive regarding my problem, and he did answer it after taking an extra long time. I also asked the executive, the reason for charging the customers and this is what he had to say, “No sir, we actually want to provide quality customer care service. We receive several calls for simple reasons. We therefore decided to charge customers in order to ensure that they do not keep calling us every time, for simple queries.”

Now what does he mean? Airtel does not want its customers to cal them, if customers have simple queries? What should they do then? End up paying 0.50 paise/min? What if I need an assistance to set up the GPRS settings? It’s gonna take 20 minutes and I need to pay 10 rupees?

This is something that needs to be strongly condemned and as far as I know, there is no other mobile operator service that charges its customers for calling up their customer care! Let us hope that this unprofessional service of charging customers end soon, as there are several other operators that customers can choose from, if we are not happy from Airtel.

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