Thotti Kallu (T.K.) falls really rockssss !!

Hi friends. If you have been stressed out and struggling to break-free from the daily dose of pressure at work/home, all you need to do is to visit the Thotti Kallu a.k.a. TK falls situated in Bengaluru, India. The popular T.K. falls is located between Bannerghatta – Kaggalipura road. The water falls is simply amazing and once you feel the fresh water on your body, your happiness will have no limits!

Directions to reach the T.K. falls: Travel through the Bannerghatta Road – J.P. Nagar – Arekere – Meenakshi temple – Bannerghatta – Bannerghatta Police Station. Once you find the Bannerghatta Police Station on the left hand side of the road , right opposite to it, you will find a road. So, take a right (opposite to the Bannerghatta police station) and travel in that small road. You will have to travel for about 15 minutes until you find a small shop practically in the middle of the road.

Now you need to park your vehicle there. As I said, there is a small shop. The shop vendor, an old lady, will take care of your vehicle. You will however need to pay Rs. 10 for that!! Next to the shop, you will find a road. You will need to walk for about 15 minutes until you find the T.K. falls !!!

Remember that there is no entry fee or anything to pay to anyone. All you need is a bike/car/any mode of transport to reach T.K. Falls. I also strongly suggest that you visit T.K. Falls anytime between September – November, as the weather plus the water falls would be simply superb! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy the T.K. falls today !! I will be uploading several pictures taken at T.K. Falls right here on this post very soon. Stay tuned!

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