I just cannot stop reading Tinkle !!

Hello friends. Its been probably over 10 years since I have been reading the Tinkle magazine. Yes, the jokes, poems and the fun-filled Shikari Shambu, Butterfingers and Suppandi stories simply rocks !!! I also enjoy reading Tinkle Times, It happened to Me and Do It Yourself articles too. Though I agree to the fact that the stories that were published about 3 years ago were all the more great, Tinkle stories are still good and cannot be missed!

I have been purchasing Tinkle every month but on this month’s (November 2010) issue, I found a special offer for new subscribers – Tinkle is celebrating their 30th Anniversary and hence, you can now subscribe to Tinkle for as low as 225 INR !! The cover price will cost you 300 INR and you will therefore save 75 INR on a whole. What’s more? You also get six past issues of Tinkle absolutely free and you also stand a chance to win free Samsung Corby cellphones !!

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Sounds good, isn’t it?? I have already ordered a 1 year subscription for myself, as I feel that 225 INR is really cheap and considering the fact that books would be delivered to your door step on the first week of every month, this is a great deal. In fact even my friends who still love reading Tinkle have also subscribed to this great offer.

Whether you win yourself a Samsung Corby or not, is an altogether different issue but getting 12 issues of Tinkle for 225 INR is simply great. So purchase your Tinkle copy today at the nearest news-stands or log-on to the Tinkle official website for more information. Remember to subscribe to this offer as soon as possible !!

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